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Each year we organise Three Special Programmes designed to support our vision and mission.


67 minutes of Goodwill


Tis' the Season to be...


Make The City Cleaner

Over the years, we have bought hundreds of blankets and distributed them in and around the city centre hot spots corners where homeless people sleep right in the middle of winter months on Mandela’s birthday. This initiative is always welcome and adds so much value.

In addition to this especially this year(2022) with a focus to eradicating hunger, we joined forces with chefs with compassion for soup drive on Mandela day.

Every Christmas Day we distribute lunch packs comprising a full "several colour" meals with juice generously provided by our founder and his family. Christmas is a time for giving and joyful season, most families celebrate the festive season with friends and family with food being the centre of celebration. With that said, we acknowledge the different types homelessness. There are those with no shelter, who remain in the streets of Jozi. When their fellow street mates go back home during the festives, these guys  have no where to go! They are the ones we bless and share the spirit of Christmas with. 

This program is intended to make JHB a Cleaner City. We have a variety team of young, old, women, men, homeless and those who have homes to go to.

This program is made possible and successful through the passion and heartfelt desire to keep of environment cleaner.

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