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Ike Cha (the original founder and funder) has been feeding the homeless and destitute people in the street of Johannesburg's inner city for over 15 years ago.

One Moment Foundation was formed to formalize this giving and sharing initiative in 2019 with Themba Chalumbira, leading as the co-founder leading the foundation's day-to-day operations.

We thus have evolved and continue to find innovative ways to improve our offering in helping other human beings.

One Moment Foundation's core focus is to aggregate resources and like-minded people to contribute toward 3 basic sustainable development goals: (1) POVERTY. (2) HUNGER. (3) EDUCATION.



To be an ENABLER and an AGGREGATOR of resources and tools to enable Grassroots organizations that addresses Basic needs of Hunger, Homelessness and Education.



Our vision is to add value to the most vulnerable in our society focusing on their most basic human needs.


1. Funding remains our biggest challenge, as much as Lionshare is the biggest contributor, the need is way bigger thus leaving a huge gap.


2. We have started penetrating squatter camps where our Doing Partners are and safety is sometimes not guaranteed 


3. As we expand our operation through our DOING PARTNERS, we need Human Resources to build a stronger team to help us realize our goals further.


4. Ensuring Food Quality and Safety at all times at our FOOD CENTRES is a big challenge.



In our research, we found out that there are too many people starving in the outskirts of the big cities. This year, our focus is outreach and enabling passionate givers within the communities to be able to provide balanced meals to vulnerable hungry children through our Doing Partners.

We have set up a Foodbank and conducive share house for distribution to where resources are most needed thus making a bigger impact.

With our clear objective, we hope and pray our current Funders will increase their giving and we can also attract new GIVING PARTNERS.

We are committed to delivering food every week to our Doing Partners. We started in 2019 and currently sitting over 10 Doing Partners, passionate and committed mostly empowered local women leaders in the townships and squatter camps in and around Johannesburg with a goal of a national rollout in the future.

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