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The Story of The 200

It was at 4h00 in the morning, just right after curfew was lifted. The thick cloth of the dark hovering over the city, we started preparing.

You would've thought we over anticipating something that would never happen, yet it did. They came from nowhere, in numbers, happiness and smiles even through the face masks you could sense their joy. The joy brought by the acknowledgement that someone cares!

On September the 24th, we fed over 200 people, most of them homeless, some of them were people passing by and stopped to get a fresh cooked meal cause they were hungry.

A reality caused by Covid 19, the homeless and those who have homes have the same struggle - HUNGER!

The ongoing effects of COVID 19 has resulted in many people loosing their jobs or downgrading, we see a growing number of able bodied people coming for our morning meals. A fresh meals served with a hot cup of coffee or tea are between 05h30 and 06h00 daily, then later during the day we offer a hot well balanced meal twice a week. Sometimes we offer these meals more than twice depending on the food supplies from our donors.

We are proud to say that out of these homeless people some volunteer their services and help serve others. We currently have two who are now permanent volunteers with a montlhy stipend.

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