Founder & Funder

Ike Cha

Ike Cha is a leader, visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist who seeks to add value to everything he says, does and the lives he touches. He is an advocate for entrepreneurs and his ethos, vision, drive and passion is to contribute to South Africa and Africa’s progress.


Co-Founder and CEO

Themba Chalumbira

Self driven, hard working social entrepreneur who finds joy in Giving. 

Strong Christian background and values with her father was and still is a preacher. Has background in nursing where her empathy, compassion, human dignity and integrity forms part of her values. Themba has a great track record in managing small and medium sized corporations within her family businesses structure. She is a former Cell C franchisee and current non-executive director of the Scania Border Auto Centre ( BAC ) a Scania franchise Dealership.

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Silvana Pearson

Energetic, resilient and motivated - Silvana Pearson brings a mature and nurturing maternal-energy to all projects and undertakings. Born to immigrant, Italian parents: she was from a very early age exposed to the Italian version of Ubuntu. Over the years family and friends as well as colleagues and subordinates (in the hospitality and recruitment industry and in the Lionshare family) have learned to appreciate Silvana as someone is honest; fair; generous; hard-working and focussed on the greater good of the human community she is representing at any given moment.



Pinkie Makie

Born in Port Elizabeth and moved to Johannesburg in the year 2000. She began her catering company in that same year. She developed passion for caring and feeding the homeless, where she would cook once a week and sometimes whatever is left from her catering business she would warm and package properly for distribution to the homeless. This generally sparked a strong  desire to continue help, feed, cloth the homeless and less fortunate in parks and on the streets of Jozi. She has used extra profit from her company to fund her passion. Occasionally she put together food parcels for individual distribution. Her strong belief as a director of OMF is to add value to the team as this is her strong area of expertise and understanding.

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Joana Nkosi

Dr Joanna Nkosi holds a PhD in history from the City University of New York.  Her experience spans more than forty-five years in higher education, research and business consulting in the United States and Southern Africa.  She has been active in progressive, anti-fascist, anti-apartheid and humanitarian organisations throughout her life.  Dr Nkosi is passionate about assisting people, especially women, to take charge of and improve the quality of their lives and those of their communities. In addition to her work with The One Moment Foundation, she is currently a director of the Chief Albert and Nokukhanya Luthuli Institute for Peace and Development.