In the heart of Braamfontein

Our anchor Powerhouse Soup Kitchen, located in Braamfontein feeds over 200 homeless people a day, five times a week.

With the ongoing effects of COVID resulting in many people loosing their jobs or downgrading, we see a growing number of able bodied people coming for our morning meals.

The soup kitchen is known for its breakfast, three hot wholesome meals a week and twice a week with bread and tea.


Hot Coffee or tea all meals on a daily serving basis and these meals are served between 5;30am and 6am.


We are proud to say that out of those homeless people some come and volunteer their services and help serve others. We currently have one who is now a permanent volunteer with a monthly stipend.

To learn more about Powerhouse Soup or reach a helping hand please contact:


+27 71 978 9490


Vulnerable Children in Berea

The sad truth is, in some communities parents are known to get drunk throughout the day, most of these children are a being neglected and not fed well. They end up in the streets, very vulnerable from all sorts of dangers like hunger, rape, road accidents, abductions etc.

As much as we have identified a whole lot of these problems, we're only able to tackle hunger. Thus we provide and feed over 50 children on a monthly basis a food ration that sustains them throughout the month and provide a fresh healthy cooked meal twice a week in partnership with Rise Against Hunger and SA Harvest. These fresh twice a week meal is plate of a well balanced rice-soya mince meals and fruits.



We have informally collaborated with the Catholic Church in BraamfonteinThe Flames of Hope in Hillbrow, Soup Kitchen in Naledi and one in Rose Bank where we share all the fruits, vegetables and sometimes meat we get from our food donor partners so we can access more and create a multiplier effect.



In the heart of Soweto

We have partnered and fully support this operation that feeds almost two hundred kids. We offer a take home months worth of food supply ration. And the  soup kitchen offer a fresh cooked meal twice a week. The school rotating system has put most of them into a vulnerable hunger situation on days they are not at school where they were benefiting from school feeding schemes.

To learn more about Ubuhle Bomusa Foundation or reach a helping hand please contact:


Noreen Moyo

+27 73 828 7073

‎+27 63 817 7949


In the heart of Soweto

Churches play a bigger role in uniting communities and by nature of what they do, most people find refuge in them and it's easier to seek help from churches.


This Catholic Church is not far from our Powerhouse Soup Kitchen. We support it as it feeds the homeless lunch everyday of the week and dinner once a week. We feed breakfast at Powerhouse and we discovered that the same people we feed breakfast come to the church for lunch, we also learnt that the church depends on donations in order to consistently be of service to the homeless.

To learn more about The Catholic Church in Braamfontein or reach a helping hand, please contact:


+27 82 448 6067

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Light in The Dark

Located in the heart of the busiest multi-cultural and overcrowded residential area with lots of immigrants that a neglected by the government.

Through our networks, we got introduced to this organization and got touched by their involvement with children in their multi purpose centre. Our support is mainly in supplying them occasionally with meat, mielie mielie, fruits and vegetables weekly in order to help feed just over 150 children a day.

We also acknowledge Food of Life Sandton for supplying this Soup Kitchen with Biryani 

To learn more about The Flames of Hope or reach a helping hand, please contact:

Nathie Phungula

+27 84 272 9554



Feeding the Homeless 

Feeding the homeless is a challenging thing which Pinkie Makie faces head on. 

She focuses on serving lunch on Sunday’s. Most people spend a day with their family while enjoying a wholesome meal yet the homeless do not have the opportunity and luxury, however, Pinky bridges this gap and brings back some dignity to the homeless by distributing a warm lunch meal on the day.