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2021 First Quarter Progress Report.

Updated: May 26

Reporting Period: 1st January 2021 to 31 March 2021

Key Contacts: Themba Chalumbira - 0884465000 Silvana Pearson - 0823933089

Person Completing Report: As above

Project Partners: 1. Lionshare Holdings (Founder and main funder) 2. Mergon Foundation’s Nation Builder (Impact Investor) 3. SA Harvest (Food Donor) 4. Rise Against Hunger (Food Donor) 5. Noreen Moyo (NPO Partner) 6. Pro Million (NPO Partner)

Programme Status: OMF is a registered NPO (Reg 2019/.017371/08) PBO (930070082) with a focus to adding value in solving three of the sustainable development goals of the UN, Hunger, Shelter and Education.

  • Planning and initiation – Fifteen years ago to date, following the growing need to look after homeless people that were sleeping around the buildings in the vicinity of our businesses in Braamfontein, we decided to respond by feeding them breakfast as it’s an important meal of the day. We feed them very early 5.30am to 6.30am. Their response was and still is very good. Breakfast gives them energy to start the day on a positive note, some clean themselves and then go out to look for jobs (we have had very positive and heartwarming stories of some that come back and thank the lady the feeding for them, saying that she was their life saver). Over the years, our soup kitchen has become well known and services too many people from all walks of life, sometimes even able bodied people that just don’t have enough to eat but are guaranteed one meal a day.

  • Implementation - OMF feeds 200 homeless people daily in their anchor Soup Kitchen that has been operating for the past 15 years in Braamfontein. We also feed 50 vulnerable children on the streets of Berea twice per week with take home rations for the days we do not feed and through our associates NPO Partners OMF also feeds just over 70 vulnerable children in the Naledi RDP houses in Soweto.


Our current main focus is HUNGER, especially after lockdown effects on unemployment due to the pandemic numbers of hungry people just doubled.

We cook and feed over a thousand homeless men and woman at our main soup kitchen at Powerhouse in Braamfontein.

We cook a balanced meal twice a week and for the balance of the week we serve bread and tea. NB- we feed homeless people, first and foremost because we believe that they have too many struggles by being on the streets, so feeding them eliminates one big one... hunger.

We also have two soup kitchens that feed vulnerable children.

Results: As Christians, our response is a learning from what Jesus said (Bible verse 35-40 book of Matthew) “ For when I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, the king will reply, truly whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters of mine, you do for me” We also believe that no girl child should ever miss school especially in rural areas just because they are at that time of the month. So our sanitary pad distribution to two high schools in Limpopo is currently our contribution to Education.

To Date Impact is:

12 000 Meals served to Homeless

2 160 Meals served to Children in Soweto

1 350 Meals served to Children in Berea

400 Sanitary Towel packets distributed

15 910 Beneficiaries served thus far.

Programme Strategy


OMF aims at being the Best Service Delivery NPO in Gauteng in the space of huge hunger reduction and

nutrition improvement for the homeless and vulnerable children. Long-term providing dignified shelter and

consciously participate in any activities that improve Education at previously disadvantaged schools.


1. Support as many emerging likeminded NPO’s in and around our space

2. Support and later build safe shelters for the homeless

3. Contribute to Educational activities in certain identified schools.


1. Formalize our giving through registration and Statutory compliances and governance.

2. Collaborate with food banks and suppliers in order to source enough food for our current soup kitchens and to have the ability to deliver to the smaller NPO’s we support.

3. Form and strengthen our strategic alliances with other like-minded NPO’s needing support.

4. Keep looking for the right building at the right place to convert to a safe life changing shelter. This long-term strategy will not only let us deliver food and shelter but also develop people’s lives. The short-term strategy is to work with existing shelters to support them wherever there is a need while learning from them.

5. Partner with few previously disadvantaged struggling schools in order to meet their educational needs.


1. Improve our anchor soup kitchen (Powerhouse)

2. Set up an efficient and practical distribution kitchen.

3. Train current staff and volunteers

4. Remunerate our soup kitchen lady decently and get her a permanent assistant.

5. Formalize our relationship with small NPOS’s we support.

6. Improve our impact reporting and monitor data (document everything)

7. Improve our relationship with the shelters we support and partner with them in developing skill to the long stay homeless people in the shelters.

8. Maintain good relationship with the schools we support and form new relationships with the ones identified needing support.

NB We are constantly working at acquiring our very own building we can proudly converted into a dignified shelter for the homeless with all the facilities, conducive to learning, growth, dignity, healing, rehabilitation and desire to finding permanent home back to where people came from once they find themselves. A home where they can dine, clean ablutions, conducive social interactions etc. Hopefully this can come to fruition in five years’ time.

We are currently running our progammes under budget due to our main funder still not in a position to commit.

We are blessed though that Lionshare still pays salaries for the MD and Admin plus provides OMF with Office space and Food Bank space. In that way every bit of money and resources we get goes directly to our beneficiaries.

Lessons Learnt:

Collaboration and Partnerships goes a long way. We learnt this lesson during Covid when suddenly our funding dried up since we had one main funder, Lionshare Holdings who was negatively affected and could not fully fund our operation. We reached out and with God, Pick n Pay started supporting our Berea operation where we feed vulnerable children.

We had temporarily closed our main soup kitchen due to lack of resources but in our belief system that God Provides, we re-opened them. Suddenly more temporary donors emerged for example MTN and Mergon foundation Gap Fund. Even though these were once off, but their support added so much value to our operation.

We learnt that we need to stop doubting ourselves and re-validated ourselves that we matter and add so much value.

We learnt that documenting everything we do is critical. It adds more weight in Impact reporting and potential funders and donors.

We learnt and continue to learn that networking with like minded NPO’s helps plus belonging into the Nation Builder Network has helped us grow as leaders. Resources and information we get has just been priceless and for that we are forever grateful for the opportunity.

We are learning that we need to stay true to our values, vision and mission in order to go far

Appreciating the culture of our organization.

Maintain good and close relationships.

Co-ordinating efforts.

Embrace change.

Adapt and be flexible.

Covid has taught us and fast forwarded us into embracing technology

We are learning not to be scared.


Difficulty FUNDING is currently our biggest challenge and headache

Our Soup Kitchens number of homeless people needing to be fed are doubling meaning our resources need to increase. We find it challenging to continue supporting government shelters due to lack of commitment and lack of being organized leading to not being clear of their needs. We are not able to deliver consistency to other smaller NPO’s due to lack of resources and limited financial support.


During Covid we managed to get support from Business and organizations like Pick n Pay, Mergon, and MTN. We are working at proving ourselves worthy of long-term partnerships

Since we run a few soup kitchens that feed over a thousand people a week, we have managed to get Rise Against Hunger and SA Harvest as food donors. We are quickly learning to maximize other food donor opportunities in order to keep stock of our own food banks for current and rainy days. Our mission is to be a facilitator and enable likeminded, through our food donor partners we see a bigger opportunity to supply more smaller NPO’s who are passionate about cooking and feeding the needy. We are long-term working on acquiring a building that we can convert into a multi-purpose shelter. This is an opportunity for us to directly add value and directly tackle shelter and education challenges. We are in the process of partnering with one government shelter to support them with skills development and training for long term stay. Lastly, we supply two high schools in Limpopo with sanitary towels every month.


In Summary, we are very pleased with the progress of last year, we successfully responded to Covid 19 need and distributed food parcels plus sanitization packs to the homeless shelters. We ended the year with a bonus blessing of funding support from Mergon Foundation which helped us so much to start the year strong.

At the beginning of the year we started with a few food donations (Rise Against Hunger, SA Harvest and Chefs with Compassion) which helped us tremendously to maintain our existing soup kitchens plus helped us supply other smaller NPO’s that we support. We are truly grateful.

The challenges, however, of funding in order to adequately cover overheads is still not fully solved.

Some of the projects we support like shelters, also require money.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to your question and to sharing deeper detail on the activities should it be required.

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