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We partnered with Lionshare, klm SETATI Food Services, Pick n Pay, Krupa and a few individuals that donated towards over a thousand good parcels that we distributed and impacted just over three thousand people. This became a game changer for us and fully launched us into the NPO space and communities we serve.

We are grateful to everyone that played this important role in our organization. Sadly, food parcels became too costly and not sustainable.

We are also grateful that when we transitioned out of food parcels distribution, organizations like SA Harvest, Chefs With Compassion, Rise Against Hunger and Food For Life Sandon became our long serving food sponsors for our daily soup kitchen needs, they afforded us an opportunity to fully aggregate and support other like minded NPO’s in the space.

We also played a bigger role supplying sanitization dignity packs comprising of face cloth, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste and a small sanitizer into the 3 Kotze Street Shelter. Especially at the most crucial time sanitizers were scarce and lots of homeless people were taken out of the streets during the hard lock down. These helped relief so much pressure that the shelters found themselves in.


We also acknowledge Kit Kat Wholesalers for the discounted two thousand packs.

When boarders closed suddenly and some people found themselves homeless overnight before crossing to go to their loved ones. There were temporal shelters that government put in place. We helped and supported some in Musina that accommodated more than a hundred men, women and children. We assisted with bulk food supplies that lasted for at least three months consistently until most could be fully repatriated.

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